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Also read the information below on Ideal Body Weight and Body Mass Index.

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        The Calorie calculators provide information for weight maintenance. This is based on the information you provide (height, weight, age, and activity level). If you are overweight or underweight the calculation may be high or may be low. You can choose a healthy weight for yourself and use that weight in the calculation. If the goal is to lose weight, 1 pound per week, subtract 500 calories per day from the current daily intake. If the goal is to gain weight, 1 pound per week, add 500 calories per day from the current daily intake. Theoretically this works because 1 pound of fat represents 3500 calories (500 calories per day multiplied by 7 days equals 3500 calories). If you have questions regarding your weight and calorie intake visit a registered dietitian.

        Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates body fat according to the relationship of weight and height. A BMI less than 20 is considered to be a low BMI for most people. A low BMI may indicate underweight and may be associated with health problems for some people. A BMI of 20-25 is considered to be good. It may indicate a healthy weight for most people. A BMI of greater than 25 is considered to be high for most people. This may indicate overweight or obesity and may increase the risk of developing health problems.